All inclusive

All inclusive kayak expedition 

Together with you we plan your self-guided kayak and wild camp adventure in Sweden Archipelago.

Our all inclusive package includes everything you need for amazing kayaking and scandinavian wild camping adventure! All you need to do is just step off the plane and bus and paddle into the wild freedom of Stockholm Archipelago. 


Enjoy the freedom of endless possibilities. Always close to nature. Try fishing, swimming, sunbathing  on warm rocks and camping wherever you like. 

We provide kayak, food and outdoor equipment for overnight. Package includes single or double kayak, life jacket, paddle and chapel, tent, sleeping bag, thermarest mattress, camping kitchen with gas, cutlery, mug and plate, water protected map scale 1.50.000... even toilet paper.

We will provide extra good food for your kayaking expedition. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

Depending on your experience and how many hours you want to paddle a day, we will put together a suggestion on the paddle road and suitable places to stay.

Before you start your kayaking adventure we will give you the list of places where you can refill water and relax in sauna.

Let us know when and how long would you like to paddle. We will prepare proposal for you!

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Kayaking adventure in Stockholm Archipelago


Self guided day trip with lunch hamper 

If you prefer to be out on the water full day exploring Stockholm Archipelago by kayak then we can provide you with a lunch hamper.


Our kayak & outdoor center is situated in the charming capital of Stockholm Archipelago with its 30 000 islands. Our surroundings are fantastic and there is great water for both beginners and experienced kayakers.

You can always find beautiful islands where you can stay for a break, take a sunbath, swim and fish. We have very good experience and we show you the best islands and routes.



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