Experience amazing nature around Vaxholm and Stockholm Archipelago by bike!


Bike rental prices

Type of equipment / time: 4 hrs Day / 24 hrs Weekend
(Fri 5pm - Sun 5pm)
Week / 7 days
 Trekking bike  200 kr 300 kr 650 kr 1000 kr
 Mountain bike & Child bike 150 kr 200 kr 400 kr 800 kr
 Child trailer 60 kr 100 kr 200 kr 500 kr



Charming and idyllic Vaxholm is the capital of Stockholm archipelago. With its beautiful archipelago, Vaxholm is a perfect starting point for all types of cycling and paddle trips, both shorter day trips and longer expeditions to the outer part of Stockholm Archipelago. The nature around our kayak center is one of the finest areas in the Sweden Archipelago.

Bicycle trailer for children
We have everything you need to experience Vaxholms archipelago areas by bike. The children travel comfortably behind the bike on these children's trailer.


Discover Vaxholm by bike. If you rent a bike or have your own bike, follow some tips on nice bike trips on Vaxön, Resarö, Bogesundslandet and Rindö. Here are tips on bike rides:

• Cycle via Kronudden - Norrhamnen - to Eriksö. The way back can go through Vaxholm's church.

• Cycle via Parkgatan - Kronudden -Norrhamnen - Engarn - Ytterby mine - Pavilion at Resarö - Ytterby bridge and return Guest harbor.

• Bike via Kronudden - Norrhamnen - Vaxholm church - Bogesund Castle and again Guest harbor.

• Take the ferry to Rindö - cycle via Rindövägen to Rindö Harbor - Oscar Fredriksborg - Rindö town and again Vaxholm by ferry.

• MTB round at Bogesund Country.



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