Group activities

Outdoor activities for groups... because nothing brings people together more than a common adventure!


Whether it’s small trip for family or group of friends or large event for school or company, we will take care of all details to make it successfull. We have camping equipment, tents for groups and outdoor conference facilities.

Contact us to arrange dates and program according to your needs. We will be happy to help you with this!


Kayak tour in the heart of archipelago

Discover amazing Stockholm Archipelago with thousands of islands, islet and skerries by kayak! It's a perfect destination for your kayak day or multiday adventure. Check some ideas for kayak day tours or contact us for tailor made offer.



Big canoe adventure (10 - 14 people)

Our best idea for teambuilding! Take family, friends or colleagues from company and try our big canoe adventure. Let's find nice island to land on and make an outdoor picnic with delicious snacks and coffee.


Bike tour in magnificent capital of archipelago

See charming Vaxholm and experience amazing nature of Stockholm Archipelago by bike! Idyllic Vaxholm is the capital of Stockholm archipelago. It's a perfect starting point for all types of cycling tours, both shorter day trips and multiday adventures. The nature around us is one of the finest areas in the Sweden Archipelago.

Wildlife walking tour

Explore amazing Bogesund Nature Reserve with its hidden gems. Small lake inside the forest, farms with horses, green meadows, old oaks and gravefields and runestones from the Vikingage. Welcome to maginificent Bogesund - land where for about 1000 years ago Vikings  were living.

Archipelago conference with the view

We cooperate with local facilities for organizing a group meeting. It's possible to combine it with outdoor activities. 

Paintball games

Participants armed with rifles, ammunition and masks go to complete the mission. We can easily combine it with other activities and after all make a lunch for your group.

Overnight stay in tipi or igloo tent

Jump into kayaks and paddle up to beautiful remote island Björnholmen where you can spend amazing night in one of our igloos. This is great place to take a rest from the city rush, enjoying a nature on uninhabited island. 

We can organize paintball games, catering and team building training. 

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