Guided kayaking tours 2018

Our guided tours summer 2018 is much appreciated as birth gifts, the whole gang celebrates and paddles with. 

Minimum group size that we take is 4 people and you will determine the date when you want to paddle.

Booking at least 5 days before the implementation  


A kayaking day to remember 

A kayaking tour with lunch in the archipelago. After 2-3 hrs we take a break and go ashore on an uninhabited island where we enjoy a tasty lunch out in the wilds. Later we paddle back to Skärgårdens kanotcenter and feel many more impressions and experiences richer. Time: 1000-1700.

Price: 950SEK. Includes tour leader, kayak with equipment, instructions, life jacket, lunch. 

Lunch kayaking

Take a few hours break and go kayaking on safe waters in Vaxholm archipelago. After the finished tour we enjoy a lunch at the canoe centre. Time: 10.00-14.00

Price: 700SEK. Includes tour leader, kayak with equipment, instructions, life jacket, light luncheon, beverage.

Evening kayaking with sundown

We go kayaking in the nearby waters and we enjoy the long swedish summer evening filled with all the wonderful scents of nature. Time: 1700-2100. (time depends on darkness). Very popular tour!

Price: 600SEK. Includes tour leader, kayak with equipment, instructions, life jacket, sandwich, bevergae, fruit.

Kayaking to a ready-laid table

A fine combination of a shorter (2 hrs) kayak trip and a beautifully laid three-course dinner with candles on an island in inspiring archipelago environs. This is the perfect choice when you wish to do something special together. After dinner you can either paddle back to the canoe centre, stay over night on the island or take a taxi boat.

Time: 1500-2100

Price: 1,850SEK.  Includes tour leader, kayak with equipment, life jacket, instructions, escort boat, three-course dinner, beverage.

Departures: Please contact us. On this tour we want at least 4 persons.


Kayaking conference with accomodation on an archipelago island

This is a unique chance to arrange a conference, kick-off or a bachelor/hen party on an unhibited island. The overnight stay will be in "igloos" or in a Lapp cot. Food? Different alternatives: we can provide you with all raw produce for meals that you cook/wok yourselves, catering or you take your food with you.


Please contact us for information and booking!
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