Rental of kayaks, canadian boats, bikes
& outdoor equipment in the heart of Stockholm Archipelago


If you feel good paddling on your own there are good opportunities to get a really nice kayaking adventure. Depending on the experience, how many hours you want to paddle a day, we will put up a digital route proposal.

It is also good that we know your length and weight so that we can propose a kayak type that suits you. You can also get a list of islands where you can supplement the food, fill water or swim a sauna.

Feel free to ask a questions. We want to help you get a really safe, nice and memorable paddle experience.

We make bookings for minimum full day.



Type of equipment / time:
rental time include about 20 min safety briefing
2 hrs 4 hrs Day / 24 hrs Weekend
(Fri 5pm - Sun 5pm)
Week / 7 days
Single sea kayaks           
Poliethylene kayaks
SeaBird, Orion, Kodiak, Nelo, Sea Lion
  250 kr 350 kr 750 kr  1200 kr
VKV fiberglass kayaks   500 kr 650 kr  1500 kr 2100 kr
Double sea kayaks
VKV Yoo-A-Kim, Albatross, Stairs M, Point 65
400 kr  500 kr  800 kr 1700 kr 2500 kr
SUP Board (Stand Up Paddle) 300 kr 500 kr 700 kr 1600 kr  
Canadian boat  200 kr 300 kr 400 kr 850 kr 1200 kr
Big canoe boat for 14 people    1700 kr 2000 kr 4000 kr 7000 kr
Trekking bike   200 kr 300 kr 650 kr 1000 kr
Mountain bike / Child bike   150 kr 200 kr 400 kr 800 kr
Child trailer   60 kr 100 kr 200 kr 500 kr
Camping & outdoor gear          
sleeping bag     100 kr 200 kr 250 kr
sleeping mat Thermarest     100 kr 200 kr  250 kr
gas stove (+ 100 kr gas)      80 kr 150 kr 220 kr
tent 4 people Hilleberg Keron GT      400 kr 700 kr 900 kr
tent 3 people Marmot Limelight     300 kr 500 kr  750 kr
tipi 9 people      400 kr 800 kr 1500 kr
tipi 5 people     300 kr 600 kr 900 kr
igloo 10/15 people     3000 kr 5000 kr  
extra paddle     50 kr 100 kr 150 kr
water container     20 kr 50 kr 80 kr
waterproof bag 109 l     50 kr  100 kr 200 kr
map     50 kr 80 kr 100 kr
Transport of kayaks (car, trailer) - price depends on distance, contact us for details          

Kayak rental includes: spray skirt, life vest, paddle and simple map. Chart / map and compass you bring yourself or rent / buy on site.

We (Skärgårdens Kanotcenter) rent kayaks and equipment that is complete, functional and purposeful. You should return these in good condition.

If you do not want to clean your kayak yourself, you can buy our service for 200 kr when you book. It's also what we charge you if you neglected to clean your kayak.


Liability and insurance

You have to be sober.

Life vest you have to wear when the kayak is on the water.

If damage occurs on the kayak or other equipment, you will be responsible. Check with your insurance company what your home insurance covers in case of damage or loss of rented equipment.


Kayak distances:

Björkskär 47 km
Finnhamn 30 km
Furusund 46 km
Grinda 15 km
Jungfruskär 50 km
Lådna 22 km
Möja 33 km
Nässlingen 26 km
Sandhamn 41 km
Siarö 22 km
Stavsnäs 30 km
Träskö Storö 28 km
Örsö 17 km


Kayaking Stockholm Archipelago

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