Last weekend we did really nice paddling. It was very sunny, but also very windy day. There was so many days without sun so we were happy to warm our faces. The wind was about 6 m/s from the west which made our trip easy one way. Some bays are still covered with ice so we had to be flexible about the route.

We paddled through Norrhammen which is traditional fishing cottage located in the north harbour on Vaxholm. In one of the building there is very interesting museum and summer cafe Hembygdsgården known for its homemade cakes and pastries. We continued our trip between Rindö and Skarpö with a nice view on Vaxholm Fortress (Vaxholms fästning). Fortress was built by King Gustav Vasa in 1500s and was used to defend Stockholm.

After about 1.5 h we stopped on our favorite island for break with tea and some snacks. We call it fika in Sweden. We took some rest after struggling with strong wind and charged energy with cinnamon buns and ginger tea.

How good to be on the water again. And so interesting to share experiences with freestyle kayaker Bartosz Czauderna. Sea kayakers and freestyle kayakers – a lot differences but also a lot common things. Today winter is back again. Conclusion is one: don’t wait with your adventures. When sunny weather is calling you must go!