Visit Vaxholm, lovely town known as The ‘Capital of Stockholm’s Archipelago’, and get wonderful archipelago experience when in Stockholm. We would like to share with you few ideas what to do in Vaxholm.

The Stockholm archipelago consists of some 30,000 islands, islet and rocks. While the archipelago is one of Stockholm’s most beloved tourist attractions, it’s also home to many people. Estimated number of 4,000 people live on the main islands. The picturesque panoramas of archipelago may seem distant from the city. Yet they’re only a short trip away from the heart of Stockholm.

Vaxholm which is one of the most popular islands in all of Sweden, and often referred to as the Capital of the Archipelagos. Even if you’re in Stockholm just for a short city break, it’s definitely worth to take a day trip into the amazing archipelago.


What to do in Vaxholm

Explore hidden gems of Vaxholm. Here some of the best sights and activities to discover while in Vaxholm.

Vaxholm Norrhamnen (North Harbor)

Traditional fishing cottages located in the north harbor on Vaxholm. Don’t miss also museum about fishing history of Vaxholm and summer cafe Hembygdsgården known for its homemade cakes and pastries.

Vaxholm Fortress (Vaxholms Fästning)

The Vaxholm Citadel dating back to the 1500s and built by King Gustav Vasa. Located between Vaxholm and Rindö, was used to defend Stockholm.

Vaxholm fortification line

Between 1914 and 1925 it was the main fortress line in the Stockholm archipelago. Consists of 23 battery and mining locks.

The archipelago boats day (Skärgårdsbåtens dag)

A folk party in Vaxholm, which has been organized annually in June since 1964. A number of steamboats and other archipelago vessels depart from Strömkajen in Stockholm at 18, following a traditional signal by the steam whistles. The vessels make a joint trip to Vaxholm. In Vaxholm you can join a harbor party with a live orchestra music and archipelago market. Later in the evening the vessels return to Stockholm.

Valborg in Vaxholm

Last day of April we celebrate Valborg (Walpurgis night). Spring is greeted with songs and bonfires at public gatherings all over the country. 

Vaxholms Skärgårdsmarknad (Archipelago market)

A real Archipelago market with crafts and natural products and traditional rowing competition in old fishing boats. It takes place on the third Saturday in August (2020 Saturday, August 15) each year. The program includes the traditional Strömmingsrodden – rowing competition around Vaxholm in fishing boats, music entertainment and many market stands with local products from the islands. The Strömmingsrodden is a cultural – historical rowing competition with fishing boats around Vaxholm island. The start is from Norrhamnen and the finish is in Söderhamnen. The rowing takes about an hour.


Visit Vaxholm for outdoor and nature experiences

Here we explore some of the best activities for all those who love outdoor and nature.

Kayak tour around Vaxholm

Kayaking is the best way to explore Stockholm Archipelago. Skip hassle of the city and paddle around Vaxholm. Experience outstanding nature, plenty of wildlife while kayaking and enjoying Swedish fika into the wild. In the summer season we do guided tours everyday. Feel more than welcome to join!

Canoe through Bogesund Nature Reserve

Canoeing is a wonderful and very affordable way to discover the beauty of inner Stockholm Archipelago. Soak up breathtaking scenic views as you glide around Bogesund Nature Reserve and Watch out for native wildlife including beavers and coastal birds. Join our regular canoe guided tours in early summer and autumn or simply rent kayak for your adventure.

Island hopping by bike in Stockholm Archipelago

Get a taste of Stockholm Archipelago on island hopping. Two quick ferry rides will take you from Vaxholm to Rindö and then over Oxdjupet to Värmdö. The ferries are free of charge. Our bike rental is open everyday between mid May and mid September, otherwise upon booking. 

Viking runestones

Vikings are a significant part of Scandinavian history. Vaxholm and Bogesund area was once home to Vikings over 1000 years ago. Today we can still see the gravefields and runestones from the Viking age at Bogesund.

Bogesunds Castle (Bogesund Slott)

Castle named after two of the most powerful people of the region’s past, Count Per Branheand and Baron Nils von Höpken. Later the castle has been abandoned and today offers historical guided tours and other events.

Resarö Island and Ytterby Mine

The only place in the world with four elements named after it makes the tiny town of Ytterby the periodic table’s most important place in the world.



There are several cafés and restaurants in Vaxholm and neighboring islands with great, authentic Swedish food. Here our favorite ones! 

Vaxholms Bed & Breakfast

Linda offers fantastic at-home lunch, fika and dinners, in the Greenhouse! Together with Linda in her lovely kitchen at Vaxholm Bed & Breakfast you can also take part in Swedish cinnamon buns baking.

Waxholms Hotell

Delicacies fresh from the archipelago’s waters are theirs specialty but meat lovers and vegetarians won’t be disappointed.

Vaxholms Hembygdsgårds Café

Desserts wonderland! Feels like you are visiting your Swedish grandma. A place for all cake lovers!


Whether you are a family, a group of friends, a company team or a school class there is plenty to experience. Visit Vaxholm and let the archipelago delight you with the islands views, the beautiful sea, wonderful people, and abundance of recreational opportunities. If you have the time, stay for a while, you won’t regret it.