Kayak courses & paddling lessons for beginners to develop your skills.

Scheduled kayaking and paddling courses

Kayak intro

/ Level 0

Have you never been in a kayak before, but want to try? Try kayaking for the first time and learn basic skills.

Duration: 3 hours


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Basic sea kayaking course

/ Level 1

Fundamental sea kayaking course and rescue training. Improve your personal paddling skills.


Duration: 6 - 7 hours


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Boat handling skills

Master your essential skills and get complete control of your boat for a better sea kayaking experience.


Duration: 3 hours





EPP Green

/ Level 2

Training and assesement for Green Euro Paddle Pass certificate.


Duration: 4 + 3 hours


Eskimo roll kayaking course

Learn ekimo roll and master your support strokes to avoid capsizing.


Duration: 2 hours


SUP intro

Learn the essential skills to get you started paddle boarding, while enjoying our fantastic location.


Duration: 3 hours


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Kayaking and paddling courses

We arrange basic to intermediate kayak courses. Our introduction and basic courses are scheduled in the calendar. We work with small groups up to 6 people to ensure you get lots of personal attention. All of our courses and tours can be organized as a private event just for your group. In addition to customized courses, we arrange courses that certify you through EPP (Euro Paddle Pass). Our courses are based on kayaking systems which we are certified within: BC (Brittish Canoeing) and EPP (Euro Paddle Pass).

Choose your paddling level

Level 0: Kayak intro

Try kayaking for the first time. For this level, you are an absolute beginner and don't need to be sporty. We will teach you the basic skills while enjoying our wonderful location. The aim is to introduce you to the wonderful world of sea kayaking and show you possibilities for developing your skills.

Level 1: Fundamentals of sea kayaking

You’ve might have done a bit of kayaking before or you have some experience with other watersports. You don't need to be an expert but some previous watersport experience will help you to get the most out of this course. You consider your physical condition as normal, averagely fit.

Level 2: Green Euro Paddle Pass

We recommend that you have completed Level 1 course or have equivalent experience (Yellow EPP / Paddle Discover / BCU 1* award). We’ll cover the syllabus of the Euro Paddle Pass Green level, and you’ll be eligible to receive the nationally recognised “Green Paddle Pass” if you reach the set standard by the end of the course. There is no obligation to be assessed or receive the award if you don’t want / need it. Typically training and assessment take half day each, with a few weeks time between training and assessment for practice.

Boat handling skills

You’ve might have done a kayaking course and have an understanding of kayaking fundamentals but still want to work on your kayak handling skills. This will help you to have better control of the kayak for better sea kayaking experiences.

Eskimo roll kayak course

You should be able to paddle confidently, perform wet exit and assisted rescue on flat water. It's great if you already know low / high support strokes, otherwise that's where we will start.

Kayaking gear and facilities

We provide a choice of over 30 sea kayaks, among others: Prijon, Perception, Zegul, SeaBird, Valley, Aquarius. We also have a large range of paddles, buoyancy aids, drysuits for winter paddling, spraydecks, charts, compasses, a personal safety equipment for you to try out. Our kayak base is located just by the sea with private kayak dock. There are basic outdoor toilets, storage room and sauna to warm up after paddling.

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