Birds are singing and everything wakes up to life after winter! Look at these Goosander ducks (Mergus merganser). What a great camouflage! 🐦

It’s perfect time for all bird lovers! But remember – it’s also important time for birds. The Stockholm archipelago is one of the most important mating areas in the Baltic Sea for several species of coastal birds. They must be undisturbed during the mating and nesting season.

Most species of bird nest early spring, when it’s still cold here. Scared bird may abandon the nest with eggs. 
Here some advices for you how to behave: 
🐦 never go through a bird protection area
🐦 avoid stepping ashore on small islands in spring and early summer
🐦 stay on the rocks and avoid walking along beaches and coastal meadows where birds nest
🐦Keep dogs on a leash

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