Usually, when paddling on our own, we’re heading somewhere far out. Sometimes it’s also fun to explore hidden gems just around the corner. Especially in this wonderful archipelago scenery with autumn colours.

This time we’ve paddled to Åkersberga. Usually this area is very busy with plenty of boats in the summer. Paddling here off season was a wise choice. Luxury of being alone on the water and still great sunny weather made us feel like on vacation. This kayak tour could be a great proposal for kayaking full day trip or even overnight. We were passing by two little islands located in the middle of Trälhavet, Västra and Östra Trälhavsgrundet. Both are great choice for off shore break as well as wild camping.

Some of highlights of this kayak trip:

  • Västra and Östra Trälhavsgrundet – wild islands with a little beach and rocks
  • Margretelund castle / Margretelunds slott from 17th century
  • Näsudden nature reserve
  • Åker’s Canal / Åkers kanal
  • Sea side Restaurant Solbrännan

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