Every year in April we are paddling and exploring outer archipelago just the two of us.

This year the plan was to pass by Svartlöga, Rödlöga, Norrpada, maybe Kudoxa on the way back home. There are open crossings about 5 km between each archipelago. On the bigger islands there are villages with summer houses but season is very short here (June – August) and most of the year those places are remote. Islands are missing electricity and very few people live here all year round.

Plans are always flexible as it’s the wind that finally decide what we can paddle. Forecast was very unstable and the second day in the afternoon we had to rush back before we are weatherbound in outer skerries for at least few days.

We are happy with those two days paddling towards the horizont with blue sky and blue sea, passing by Suez Canal (that’s the name of passage between Rödlöga and Västerö!). Some open water crossings about 10 km with 1 to 2 meters waves which we miss so much as our home waters are very protected (good for beginners). We saw a lot of sea eagles, edredon ducks, oystercatchers, many gulls among others the black-headed gull.

This is amazing part of archipelago for expeditions for intermediate to experienced paddlers. We offer transport with our bus/kayak trailer if you want to paddle one way /or start further out. Depending on your experience we would recommend to plan such a trip for at least 5+ days.

We are still looking for good timing with our calendars and the weather forecast to paddle to Svenska Högarna 🙂