Resources for learning about Stockholm Archipelago before your adventure starts.


Spend some time before your trip to learn about an area. It will be truly rewarding and inspirational time! We've put together some resources which might be interesting before your adventure.

Movie 'The Young Sea'

A beautiful journey around the Baltic Sea and the beauty of the lives of those that shape it.

World renowned photographer and filmmaker Mattias Klum has for year followed life around the Baltic Sea, the youngest sea on the planet. A sea surrounded by nine countries and 90 million people. With the largest body of brackish water in the world. A sea both loved and forgotten. This vulnerable, uniquely balanced ecosystem is now at risk. A film built on passion and fascination. But triggered by deep concern.

Producer/Director Mattias Klum
TitleThe Young Sea
Length 58 minutes
Release 2019

Book 'Harmony of the Stockholm Skerries' by Jeppe Wikström

Never before has the Stockholm archipelago been portrayed in such a grand manner. Photographer Jeppe Wikström reveals the barren, the bountiful and everything else that attracts us to the sea.

In staggeringly beautiful images, he takes readers to the thousands of seemingly magical islands that fan out in two great arcs from the Swedish capital. This exclusive volume has become a classic in just a few years, selling more than 50,000 copies. The Swedish edition is published under the title of Havsskärgård.

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