Stockholm archipelago

Discover The Magical World of 25,000 Islands.


The world's best kayaking destination

Stockholm Archipelago is one of the largest in the world which makes it a perfect kayaking destination with easy non tidal waters.

Get the taste of island-hopping

With 25,000 islands, it is a perfect place for island-hopping and trips with overnight. Spectacular view of islands have inspired several writers and painters alike.

So close and yet so far

Unforgettable archipelago experience in a world of 25,000 islands begins just 30 minutes away from Stockholm. That is where our center is located. It is easy to get here with public transport and car. The nearest airport is Stockholm Arlanda and Stockholm Skavsta.

Stay in your comfort zone

You will find here both calm, sheltered waters with many rocks and island around as well as open sea with more challenging conditions.

Go wild camping

At the end of kayaking day find your own island to make it home for the night. There is thousands of islands to choose from.

Amazing nature so close

The area offers a rich wildlife, including beavers, badgers, seals and large number of coastal birds. 

For bird lovers

See among other birds: many different types of ducks, common eider, geese, common sandpiper, great crested grebe, mute swan, seagulls, grey heronas well as ospreys and our biggest predator birds - white tailed eagles.

Enjoy small pleasures

When renting a roomy expedition kayak you can very well pack delicious food and some luxury gear like a coffee maker or favorite book (and you don't have to carry everything in a heavy backpack).

Where the sea meets the sky

Stretching to 60 km further east, it changes in character towards the open sea where waves can go high in a windy day.

Wilderness cooking at its best

There is something special about gathering around the fire for a meal. Sharing food outdoors makes everything taste better.

Discover remote islands

Most of islands are totally remote and you can find nothing but woodlands and bare rocks. Very few people live in archipelago all year round.

Natural Spa

Enjoy refreshing bath in the morning.

Winter kayaking

Visit us off-season when the summer crowds depart. After winter kayaking we offer relax in our wood fired sauna. We provide drysuits and euipment for winter adventures.

Archipelago all year round

We are kayaking all year round, until the proper winter comes - then we switch kayaks for ice skates or snowhoes.

Try wood fired sauna

What can be better than outdoor adventure followed by sauna and refreshing dip in the sea...