Our unique location on calm Resarö Island in the very heart of Stockholm Archipelago.

Let the archipelago delight you

Let the archipelago delight you with the islands views, the beautiful sea, wonderful people, and abundance of recreational opportunities. Enjoy a little bit of our paradise. Most people who come here to start their sea kayaking adventure often wish they had more time before and after their kayak trip to stay and explore Resarö, Vaxholm and neighbouring islands. If you have the time, stay for a while, you won't regret it.


Unforgettable archipelago experience only 30 minutes away from Stockholm

Sweden kayaking & outdoor center - we are located on a quiet street on Resarö Island about 3 km from Vaxholm, in the Stockholm middle archipelago. We have very nice paddling waters around us for kayak, canoe and SUP boards tours.The inner waters in the heart of Stockholm Archipelago are sheltered and suitable for beginners paddlers. On the other hand, if you are more experienced, the outer archipelago is not so far. Only few hours of paddling and you will be there.

WGS84: 59°25'2.7"N 18°18'51.8"E
Decimal: 59.417421, 18.314395

Roam freely in nature

The unique Right of Public Access gives everybody the freedom to roam the forests, lakes and shores. You arefree to paddle and camp wherever you like with the obligation to respect and protect the wild. We give you lots of information on the rules about rubbish disposal, birds protected areas and open fires etc. Let's keep this amazing place clean and untouched!


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Things to do on Resarö Island, Vaxholm & surroundings

Vaxholm, the 'capital' of the archipelago. Historically home to farmers and fishermen. The area has the unique feel of an idyllic landscape from the past.

Ytterby Mine - the richest source of elemental discoveries in the world on Resarö Island.

Vaxholm - Norrhamnen harbour and beach with the old fishermen’s cottages.

Bogesund - nature reserve with plenty of wildlife, farms with horses, green meadows and old oak trees.

Viking rune stones - for about 1000 years ago there were vikings living in Bogesund.

Vaxholm Fortress - built in XVI by King Gustav Vasa to protect the Swedish capital and mainland.

Distance from our kayak center to some of main islands

Grinda 15 km
Örsö 17 km
Lådna 22 km
Siarö 22 km
Nässlingen 26 km
Träskö Storö 28 km
Finnhamn 30 km
Stavsnäs 30 km
Möja 33 km
Sandhamn 41 km
Furusund 46 km
Björkskär 47 km
Jungfruskär 50 km

Kayak day tour ideas

Around Kullö & Bogesund 12 km
Around Resarö 12 km
Around Vaxholm 11 km