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Paddle around Resarö to Åkersberga, discover beautiful Näsudden nature reserve and Margretelunds slott.

This route might be great for full day kayak tour or kayak trip with overnight. Västra and Östra Trälhavsgrundet – two tiny islands located on Trälhavet, will be great place for fika break and even wild camping.

Margretelund castle by kayak

Once you passed by these islands, continue paddling further north. Even from a distance you can see a large characteristic building on the shore. That is Margretelund which is a name for both castle (Margretelunds slott) and a residential area around. The name comes from the Queen Gabriel Oxenstierna’s wife Margareta Bielke. Margretelund became a manor during the first half of the 17th century and the current buildings are built in the middle of the 17th century, although the current appearance is from 1897. In 1718 the farm was sold to the Åkerhielm family who still own it and it is still a private residence. You may have nice and close meeting with horses which are usually curious about kayaks.

Näsudden nature reserve

Pass by Näsudden nature reserve, an oasis in Stockholm’s inner archipelago. The area is a peninsula but originally consisted of two separate islands. Land uplift has changed the landscape, but the names Kristenholmen and Gästholmen are reminiscent of what it once looked like. You can experience a cultural landscape with great variety in a limited area. Here you will find hills with nice views, old coniferous forest, meadows that are open, pastures, grove environments and beach meadows in good condition.

Åkersberga Canal

You can extrend your trip by paddling up the kanal in Åkersberga. Åker’s Canal (Swedish: Åkers kanal), previous known as Åkersström, was originally a natural river, but was renamed after having been regulated in the 19th century to be used as a canal. Åker’s canal is the remains of the Långhundraleden fairway, which was an important route for Vikings between Uppsala and the Baltic sea. It is possible to paddle about 2 km up north to the lock which is open in designated time.

Seaside restaurant Solbrännan could be a great option for fika or lunch. Please note: in the high summer season there is a public beach with many swimmers and it is not allowed to pull up kayaks so choose landing place carefully or visit the place during off season.

Trälhavet is a large body of open water which means it is exposed on wind. In the summer time you may expect high traffic on the main waterways for vessels.

Plan your route according to your skills and weather forecast. You are responsible for conducting proper behaviour according to the traffic rules.

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