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Discover traditional, idyllic archipelago island lined with small villages and well-preserved harbors. There is still fishing and farming practiced here.

Sea kayaking week trip to outer archipelago. Möja lies just where the mid-archipelago meets the outer-archipelago’s unique nature. Large parts of the archipelago is included in the nature reserve of Storö-Bockö-Lökaö, known as the “Möja reserve”, making kayaking a particularly special experience. With its meandering canals, narrow straits and exciting small islands close to each other, the region is highly valued.

People have lived here since Viking times, and Möja is still a lively island all year round. Fresh water is available at many places. And the sauna on the eastern side of Ostholmen is well-worth a visit.

It is recommended that you and fellow paddlers have experience in sea kayaking. Part of this route leads through areas exposed of the wind and sea conditions. Main islands are operated by regular Waxholmsbolaget ferries. 

Plan your route according to your skills and weather forecast. You are responsible for conducting proper behaviour according to the traffic rules.

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