Accommodations, dining & sights we recommend in Vaxholm area.


Most people who come here to start their sea kayaking adventure often wish they had more time before and after their kayak trip to stay and explore Resarö, Vaxholm and neighbouring islands. We are happy to recommend you some of our favorite places around Vaxholm. Let the archipelago delight you with the islands views, the beautiful sea, wonderful people, and abundance of recreational opportunities. If you have the time, stay for a while, you won't regret it.


Vaxholms Bed & Breakfast

A small hotel in lovely Linda's home, in Vaxholm’s older residential neighbourhoods. Just steps away from the waterfront and a few hundred meters from Vaxholm guest harbor, cafes, restaurants and archipelago boats.

Waxholms Hotell

The beautiful setting of the hotel offers fantastic views over the bay Vaxholmsfjärden and the fortress Kastellet.

Grinda Wärdshus

Grinda Wärdshus offers several types of accommodation. Hotel with high standards, cottages, hostels and a campsite. You can get to Grinda by kayak - it's only about 15 km (3-4 hours of paddling) from our kayak center!

Vaxholm Seaview Cottage

Charming newly renovated cottage from 1911 in the very center of Vaxholm, 100 meters from the harbor, restaurants, bus and ferries. A tranquil place with sea view, own sunny patio and wood burning stove for cozy moments.

Kastellet Vaxholm

Located by the 16th century Vaxholm Fortress, Kastellet Bed & Breakfast offers a unique experience in historical settings.

Fredriksborg Hotel & Restaurant

Enjoy small and personal hotel Fredriksborg with its unique location next to Oxdjupet, the main inlet for all ships and boats entering Stockholm.Spend the night in one of individually decorated hotel rooms.

Dining & Café


Hamnkrogen Vaxholm

Our favorite place! Make sure to try famous Vaxholmsströmming (local herring fish) - a delicacy that is still served at Vaxholm's tavern.

Lilla Strand

Unique restaurant with modern bistro. Here you can enjoy delicious food in the middle of the archipelago, lovely outdoor seats and great music.

Waxholms Hotell

Delicacies fresh from the archipelago’s waters are theirs specialty but meat lovers and vegetarians won’t be disappointed.

Vaxholms Bed & Breakfast

Linda offers fantastic at-home-dinners in the Greenhouse! You are welcome to organize private lunches and dinners for parties from 10 up to 16 people. 

Vaxholms Hembygdsgårds Café

Desserts wonderland! Feels like you are visiting your Swedish grandma. A place for all cake lovers!

Bistro Magasinet

You sit at the top of the building in cozy bistro, where you are welcome to order food and drink and have a lovely view of Vaxholm Fortress.

Activities & Our Top Places to explore

Bogesunds Castle (Bogesund Slott)

Build by Per Brahe, finished in the 1650s and the towers were built by Nils von Höpken in the 1860s. Later the castle has been abandoned and today offers historical guided tours and events.

Catch & Relax Fishing Guides

One of the leading companies in charter sport fishing tours in Stockholm Archipelago. Try pike fly fishing from the boat orspin fishing for pike, perch, sea trout or zander.

Vaxholm fortification line

the main fortress line in the Stockholm archipelago between 1914 and 1925. Consists of 23 battery and mining locks.


One of Stockholm's largest nature reserves. Outstanding wildlife, farms with horses, green meadows and old oak trees.Hiking and biking areas with marked trails, golf courses.


Grinda is a charming island, a blissful archipelago setting, in a nature reserve. You can make a day trip by ferry from Vaxholm.


Traditional fishing cottages located in the north harbour on Vaxholm. Museum and summer cafe Hembygdsgårdenknown for its homemade cakes and pastries.

Ytterby Gruva (Mine)

The only place in the world with four elements named after it makes the tiny town of Ytterby the periodic table’s most important place in the world.

Skypark Vaxholm

Skypark is the largest and coolest adventure park in Stockholm.It’s a fun and exciting activity up in the air between the trees.

Viking runestones

For about 1000 years ago there were Vikingsliving in Bogesund. Today we can still see the gravefields and runestones from the Viking age at Bogesund.

Vaxholm Fortress (Vaxholms fästning)

Dating back to the 1500s, the Vaxholm Citadel, located between Vaxholm and Rindö, was used to defend Stockholm. Built by King Gustav Vasa.

Water taxi

Kastellets Rederi

We recommend Christopher's water taxi boat which is well adapted to provide assistance for kayakers with the possibility of launching and picking up at sea if needed.

Contact: +46 (0) 70-225 0005

Resarö Sjötaxi

Contact: +46 (0) 70-9169417

Waxholm Water Taxi

Contact: +46 (0) 70 600 61 00