Grinda and Gällnö by kayak

Grinda and Gällnö by kayak
Length: ~55 km
Time: 3 – 4 days
Level: beginners / intermediate

Proposal for overnight kayaking to Grinda and Gallnö which is regarded by many as the most beautiful part of the middle archipelago. Here the older buildings and farmed landscape have been remarkably well maintained. Fields, meadows, parkland and forest are let to tenant farmers on the island. Depending on your paddling experience, wind condition and how much time per day do you prefer to paddle, this trip can take you 3 – 4 days. We recommend also short hikes around to get discover islands by different perspective.

Grinda is a popular summer destination, with hotel, hostel, guest harbour, sauna and cabins to rent, together with country store, ice cream kiosk, café and restaurant. Director of Nobel Foundation Henrik Santesson purchased Grinda in 1906 and built a huge art nouveau palace as summer residence for himself and his family. This stone mansion is now Grinda Wärdshus. Grinda in its entirety is today a nature reserve, with agriculture and animal husbandry as necessary elements to keep the landscape open and alive.

There are very few summer houses on Gällno and there is about 30 people living all year round on the island. A narrow sound seperates Gällno from Karklö. The rowing boats in the passage  can be freely used to move between the islands. These islands are a popular summer destination, as they lie along the island-hopping routes. Here is also a shop and youth hostel, a popular bar with excellent food, and an idyllic café with a wide range of delights.

While kayaking you will have a chance to see many coastal birds among others: common eider, common sandpiper, oystercatcher, great crested grebe, ospreys, white tailed eagles, seagulls and mute swan. 

The islands are operated by regular Waxholmsbolaget ferries. In the summer time you may expect high water traffic passing by Vaxholm and the main waterway for bigger vessels.

*You should always adjust the route to your (and your friends) kayaking skills, experience as well as sea and weather conditions.