Paddling around Storön

Paddling around Storön
Length: ~20 km
Time: about 5 hours of paddling or trip with the overnight
Level: beginners / intermediate

Proposal for full day kayaking or trip with the overnight. We like especially to roam slowly by kayaks around rocks north of Storön and watching birds. You will have a chance to see many coastal birds among others: common eider, common sandpiper, oystercatcher, great crested grebe, white tailed eagles, seagulls and mute swan. 

In the middle of the route (for example on Tisterön / Storön) there are nice spots for wild camp. If you still have energy after paddling we recommend short hiking. Some of islands are pretty high and have a wonderful view from the top like Stora Skratten island. Optionally, you can also take a break in the northeast of Rindö and visit military fortifications (Byviksfortet). Byviksfortet, also called the 8th battery, is an old defense facility on Rindö. The fort was built in 1897-1903 to prevent an attack through Oxdjupet passage. The fort was blasted into the cave inside deep trenches in triangle form. A place worth visiting!

In the summer time you may expect high water traffic passing by Vaxholm and the main waterway for bigger vessels.

*You should always adjust the route to your (and your friends) kayaking skills, experience as well as sea and weather conditions.