Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy a unique experience into the wild. Enjoy kayaking and outdoor holidays at the Baltic Sea in Sweden.

Our holiday packages include everything you need for a Scandinavian camping adventure. Choose among several guided and self-guided kayak tours for all experience levels around islands of Stockholm Archipelago.

Kayaking holidays in Sweden

Let the archipelago delight you with the islands views, the beautiful sea and wonderful people. Stockholm Archipelago is made up of some 25,000 islands, skerries and rocks, of which around 200 are inhabited. Enjoy a little bit of our paradise.

Paradise for outdoor lovers

Set up a tent on your own island for a night. Reconnect with nature. Enjoy outstanding sunsets and bright summer nights. Try fishing, swimming and sunbathing on warm rocks. 

Wildlife so close

The area is famous for its large number of birds among others many different types of ducks, geese, gulls as well as ospreys, sea eagles and oyster catchers. If you are lucky you can spot beavers and seals.

Abundance of opportunities

Vaxholm Fortress, Bogesund Nature Reserve with Viking rune stones, Ytterby Mine and much more. If you have the time, stay for a while, you won’t regret it.

Great crested grebe in Stockholm Archipelago

Roam freely in nature

The unique Right of Public Access gives you the freedom to paddle and camp wherever you like with the obligation to respect and protect the wild.

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