Dreaming about your own kayak? Are you planning to buy a kayak close to Stockholm but you don’t know how to choose one. Welcome to visit us! 

We are happy to share with your our knowledge and experience and give you some tips or suggestions about choosing the kayak. We have a selection of single and double kayaks, sea kayaks for small, regular and bigger paddlers, comfortable touring kayaks for multiday kayaking adventures. Join our intro paddling and try demo models to find out which kayak fits you best. We’re based right here on the coast, 30 minutes from Stockholm – don’t hesistate to drop us a line if you would like to make a test paddling before your order.


Regular sea kayaks and touring kayaks:

  • Single kayak Prijon Prilite Aruna with skeg – nice touring kayak for all skills level
  • Single kayak Prijon Prilite Marlin – Prijon’s most popular kayak model and absolute bestseller, lighter than polyethylene
  • Single kayak Unplugged regular by  DesignKayaks
  • Single kayak Endless L by DesignKayaks

Low volume kayaks for smaller paddlers:

  • Single kayak Prijon Seayak 500 with rudder – comfortable low volume kayak for smaller paddlers
  • Single kayak Kazyak Designs Raider S with skeg and rudder – fast kayak for trainings, marathons, sea kayaking for more experienced paddlers
  • Single kayak Endless regular by DesignKayaks

High volume kayaks for bigger paddlers:

  • Single kayak Prijon Grizzly with rudder – comfortable kayak for high volume paddlers
  • Single kayak Prijon Seatron 520 GT HTP with rudder – touring / sea kayak for the medium to larger paddler 
  • Single kayak Unplugged L DesignKayak

Double / tandem sea kayaks:

  • Double touring kayak Prijon Poseidon – tandem kayak for open water and coastal paddling

How to book demo paddling?

You can join guided tours or kayak courses – especially if you are beginner – so we can spend some time together on the water and explain you the basics of sea kayaking (calendar of tours / courses and bookings are available online) or sent us email on info@kanotcenter.com.

More about our single kayaks for sale: https://kanotcenter.com/for-sale/kayaks-k1/