Get inspired for your family kayaking holidays in Sweden

Kayaking is a great idea for family holidays into the nature. There are easy sheltered waters around our kayak center perfect for beginners. Baltic is not a tidal sea which makes your route planning much easier. Our favorite kayaking trips are those made in camping style with tent, sleeping bags, food supply so you are totally self suficient.

No worries about space – we use roomy expedition kayaks where you can pack all your camping gear. You may be surprised but it does not make a difference wheather you are paddling empty or fully loaded kayak and you do not have to carry heavy backpack all day long. At the end of kayaking day find your own island to make it home for the night. There are thousands of islands to choose from. Most of them are totally remote and you can find nothing but woodlands and bare rocks. Do you need camping and outdoor gear? We offer premium packages that include everything you might need for your kayaking adventure with overnight. If you prefer a little luxury there are places which offer several types of accommodation like Grinda Wärdshus (located only about 15 km so 3-4 hours of paddling from our kayak center.

Here is a beautiful inspiration for family kayaking adventure from our French friends Yannick, Christel and their son Thomas. They made a trip around Grinda and Gällnö with many breaks for sightseeing islands, try local food and enjoy bathing.

Tips & Highlights for family adventure:

  • Spend no more that 2 – 3 hours in a kayak / day
  • Combine paddling with short hikes around islands and nature reserves (don’t forget binoculars for bird- and beaver watching)
  • Try local products in small cafés and bakeries
  • Camp every night on different island
  • Bring fishing gear and try to catch your dinner

Our kayaking route proposal with map →


📍 Middle part of Stockholm Archipelago, Sweden