Find some ideas and inspirations for kayak day trips as well as multiday adventures.

Kayaking tour routes ideas

Here are some route proposals for short and long kayaking tours. You should adjust your trip to your kayaking skills and experience as well as sea and weather conditions.

Recommended day trip routes

Multi-day kayaking tours

This map covers suggested area for multi-day tours & holiday. Recommended for beginners and intermediate kayakers. If you are interested in paddling one way, we recommend using water taxi, we cooperate with Kastellets Rederi.


Distance from kayak center: ~15 km

A charming island, just about 3-4 hours of paddling. A blissful archipelago setting, in a nature reserve. Good swimming in summer. Grinda has hotels, cabins, a youth hostel, campground, and sauna.

Accommodation & sauna→

Stora Sandön

Distance from kayak center: ~15 km

Perfect destination for your first camp. Long sandy beach is easy to land with kayaks. There is plenty of space for tents. Go for swimming and watch amazing sunset sitting on the beach.


Distance from kayak center: ~20 km

Lovely island with pretty huts in traditional swedish red. Here is a store and hostel, a popular bar with excellent food, and a café with a wide range of delights.

Kayaking expeditions & long tours

Outer archipelago with remote islands and raw rocks is wonderful area for advanced kayakers.
If you want to paddle one way we can provide transport. Please contact us to discuss details.


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Amazing nature reserve where you can explore islands by kayak as well as walk from island to island through several suspension bridges.

Please, leave nothing but footprints

The Right of Public Access (Allemansrätten) gives us a wonderful way to experience Sweden’s countryside, whether paddling, hiking, bicycling or even riding. But be sensible. Show that you care about nature so that we all can continue to enjoy and access the outdoors.

Read more about The Right of Public Access (Allemansrätten)→
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