Check what you can do with us between September and May.


When the summer crowds depart life returns to normal for those who live here all year round. The archipelago off-season is time to slow down, enjoy wonderful tranquility and luxury of having it all to yourself. Check our outdoor ideas.

  • Guided tours

    We are kayakers and adventurers all year round and are happy to share that experience with you. Depending on month and weather we can go kayaking, canoeing, snowshoeing, hiking, taking cold bath into Baltic sea, relaxing in sauna and trying local delicacies.

    Tours available everyday:

    Archipelago winter kayaking

    Our Winter Kayaking Tours are available from October to April. We provide drysuits and all gear needed for winter kayaking. Our summer tours run between May to September.

    Duration: 3 hours

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    Kayaking with sauna

    What can be better than kayaking followed by wood burning sauna and refreshing dip in the sea? Let us know while booking if you are interested in sauna after kayaking.

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    Bespoke kayaking and outdoor tours:

    (minimum 2 participants)

    Winter snowshoe hiking

    Easy snowshoeing tour into the forest. Let's spend a day in the country side, exploring forest, looking for animal tracks on the snow, visiting horse farm and finally... hot chocolate as reward!

    Duration: 4 hours



    Archipelago canoe tour

    Canoeing is a wonderful and very affordable way to discover the beauty of inner archipelagoand enjoying outdoor fika (swedish coffee break). We do this tour in spring and autumn.

    Duration:4 hours



    Special tours and events:

    Full day tours, overnight tours and other special events

    Every now and then we do some extra trips which are different than our scheduled frequent tours. It might be a full day kayaking including transport to different launching spots, kayak trips with overnight, outdoor cooking over the fire, canoe beaver safari or whatever comes to our mind.

    Experience level from beginners friendly tours to intermediate paddling and camping skills.

  • Event calendar

    Please find below calendar of our upcoming tours and events. Experience level from beginners friendly tours to intermediate paddling and camping skills. We do also kayaking and SUP intro and basic courses to help you developing your sea kayaking skills.

  • Sauna

    Our sauna is working all year round upon request. Finishing your outdoor adventure with sauna is always a great idea. Especially when it's cool outside!

    Read more about our wood burning sauna and contact us ahead for booking.

  • Rentals

    Off season rentals are available only for experienced sea kayakers (at least 3 BC stars or equivalent) with appropriate winter equipment (own drysuit). From mid September till April our kayak center is staffed only at designated meeting times.

    Contact us ahead to make sure we can provide kayak for your adventure.