Grocery stores Archipelago

Places where you can find stores in archipelago

Check where you can find local groceries to buy food supplies for your kayaking trip out in Stockholm archipelago.

If you are planning a multi-day kayaking trip it is important to plan your food shopping. You can buy outdoor freeze-dried food, use local restaurants or cook yourself your favourite outdoor meals using common sense. Our expedition kayaks have roomy hatches where you can pack all your camping gear, stove, pots and food for your kayak trip. Most of these gear is included in our overnight kayak packages, except of food. 

There are two local grocery stores ICA close to our kayak rental base. Both shops are about 2.5 – 3 km away and you can get there with a bus or our bike (upon availability). ICA Vaxholm is slightly bigger and therefore better stocked. You will be able to get there most of the food you need for your kayaking adventure.

On many of the bigger islands you can find shops, groceries, cafes and restaurants. However most establishments and stores in archipelago are usually open only during the high season (from Midsummer at the end of June until the third week of August). Therefore, we recommend to get almost whole food supply for your adventure, especially dry food like rice, pasta, canned food, muesli etc. 

Below you will find the map of stores in archipelago to get fresh food supplies during your kayak trip. Map with details →

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