Kayaking safety tips

Kayak safety tips for beginners

One of the greatest things about kayaking is that it can be relatively safe activity. However it's important to be aware of the risks and hazards involved with kayaking and follow safety rules.

Tips to stay safe when kayaking:

  • Always use buoyancy aid (included in the rent) when paddling.
  • Take your mobile with you in the drybag. Drybags are available at our rental.
  • Wear clothing appropriate to weather conditions and be prepared for sudden changes in weather.
  • Tell someone about your paddling plan / itinerary.
  • Don’t go solo. Unless you are an experienced paddler and know how to do the self-rescue, we recommend you do not paddle alone. If you do not know how to do solo re-entry after a capsize, we recommend to paddle with a friend or join a guided tour.
  • All kayaks are unsinkable. Make sure the hatches are properly closed.
  • Plan your trip at your skills level and weather conditions. Tour plans must be communicated with us.
  • We require that you have a map for navigation (1:50.000 is enough) which includes fairways, sea mark, and landmarks. You can rent it / buy it from us if you need to. Basic map covering daily paddling are is included in rental.
  • Follow the local boating rules. All routes are open to normal traffic for other vessels and you are responsible for conducting proper behaviour according to the traffic rules.
  • Think about extra safety gear you might need (compass, spare paddle, pump, drybags etc.) 


List of safety gear and prices for individual items, subject to availability.

Emergency pick up service

We do not provide pickup service in case you or your buddies have problems getting back in time.
We recommend that you call boat taxi service: 
Kastellets Rederi +46 (0) 70-225 0005
Resarö Sjötaxi +46 (0) 70-9169417
Waxholm Water Taxi +46 (0) 70 600 61 00


Kayak T-rescue | Buddy rescue

Learn how to make buddy rescue before you rent kayaks with friends on your own hand. The T-rescue (or buddy rescue) offers a quick way to get a capsized kayak partner back in their boat.

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