Time and distance

Estimating distance for better route planning

Learn about paddling time and estimating distance for better kayaking route planning

Avarage paddling speed with a sea kayak is about 4 – 5 km/h (but depends also on wind speed and direction).
Please find below grading which may help you to estimate level of kayaking trip:

Easy: Less experienced kayakers, easy kayaking at a slow tempo, approx. 10-20km/day or 2-4 hours/day
Moderate: Experienced kayakers, approx. 15-30km/day or 3-5 hours/day
Demanding: Very experienced kayakers, demanding kayaking, approx. 20-40km/day or 4-7hours/day

Sudden changes in weather and wind can make a daytrip twice as long, and much more challenging both physically and mentally. Calculate your timings carefully.

Distance from our kayak center to some of main islands:
Grinda 15 km
Örsö 17 km
Lådna 22 km
Siarö 22 km
Nässlingen 26 km
Träskö Storö 28 km
Finnhamn 30 km
Stavsnäs 30 km
Möja 33 km
Sandhamn 41 km
Furusund 46 km
Björkskär 47 km
Jungfruskär 50 km

Need inspiration for kayaking trip in archipelago? Check our recommended routes. Make sure to adjust them to current weather and wind as well as your and your friends’ paddling skills.

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