DesignKayaks Unplugged

Design Kayaks Unplugged is the best sea kayak for beginners. Created especially for the Nordic market and with a desire to give new paddlers the best possible start on the water.

The combination of low rear deck, high primary stability, fast response and a simple and robust design has made Unplugged one of the best-selling kayak models in its home country of Denmark. Unplugged is created with the desire to offer beginners a solid and maneuverable sea kayak that provides space to develop personal paddling skills. In other words, Unplugged is designed to make it easier for you to learn new paddling technique and manoeuvres. This kayak can be your permanent companion for many years.

Unplugged is very easy to edge and you won’t need rudder to turn (you can easily learn these manoeuvres during our kayak intro and basic sea kayaking course).

The classic british shape with a hull providing a high primary stability, perfect for less experienced paddlers. At the same time, there is a continuous keel line that ensures good speed and a lively behaviour. The kayak is created for the varied conditions in the north, and it does well in both waves and on the calm water. The cockpit is spacious and is easy to get in and out. The low rear deck makes it easier to roll and get into the kayak by a self-rescue.

Design Kayaks Unplugged regular specification:

Optimal for paddlers: up to 80 kg / 179 cm | Material: 3-layer polyethylene | Length: 505 cm | Width: 54 cm | Weight: 24 kg | Cockpit: 79×43 cm | Skeg / optional rudder | Available colours: Spring Green + Petrol hatch, Blue Ocean + Green hatch, Orange Horizon + Petrol hatch, Purple Dune + Orange hatch, Red Ruby + Turqouise hatch, Stormy Grey + Orange hatch