All you need to know for canoeing & outdoor tours in Stockholm Archipelago.


Discover the beauty of archipelago by canadian boat. The inner waters are sheltered and suitable for day trip as well as for few days canoe adventure. Please find below information about equipment we provide as well as canoeing possibilities in our area.


Canoeing is a wonderful and very affordable way to discover the beauty of inner Stockholm Archipelago. It combines travel through amazing Bogesund Nature Reserve with excellent paddling around a lively island Vaxholm which is known as a capital of archipelago.


You should adjust the route to the weather conditions, especially wind as well as your paddling skills. For beginners we suggest to stay in sheltered waters of inner archipelago on the west side from Vaxholm.

There are nice routes for about 2-3 days of paddling in Vaxholm area. If you are planning longer and further tour we recommend sea kayak instead.


Canoe is stable, easy to get in and out, and easy to get along with packing. It is also an excellent boat for fishing. Our canoe boats are designed for 2 adults with extra space in the middle for child, dog or camping equipment. For groups between 10 - 14 people we recommend our big canoe adventure.


Canoe is an open boat designed for sheltered waters. If you are planning to explore some of remote islands of middle and outer archipelago we strongly recommend our kayaks. We use expedition sea kayaks which are equipped with rudder / skeg and extra space for your camping gear. Check our kayaking offer.


Take some time and go through the most frequent questions regarding our canoes, canoeing possibilities and outdoor tours in our beautiful heart of Stockholm Archipelago.

  • How many people can go in a canoe?

    2 adults and child / dog / camping gear fit comfortably in a canoe. Child will get additional seat or will sit in the bottom.

  • How much paddling can we do per day?

    Canoe trip could look quite different depending upon who is paddling it. It really just depends upon what the group wants to do. It's better to plan your trip not by km's but by time. We recommend something between 4-6 hours on the water a day, covering about 15 kilometers. You still have time for enjoying camping life, outdoor cooking or just lying in a hammock with good book. Especially if you don’t want to be setting up or breaking down camp in the dark then you’ll need to keep in mind how many hours of daylight you have.

  • Can I go in a canoe alone?

    Our canoe boats are designed for two adults. A full size canoe is a bit harder to handle alone than a kayak but by no means impossible. It depends on your paddling skills as well as weather conditions (wind).

  • What is the difference between canoe and kayak?

    Canoe is open boat great for leisure paddling, close to the shore on relatively calm water. Expedition sea kayaks are equipped with rudder / skeg system which makes it easier to maneuver in the wind. Sea kayaks are designed for challenging water conditions. If you are planning to explore some of remote islands of middle and outer archipelago we strongly recommend our expedition kayaks.

  • Is there a current in water?

    There are no currents and no tides in Baltic sea. The water level is generally far more dependent on the regional wind situation than on tidal effects, the main factor that can affect the boat may be the wind.

  • Can I take my dog canoeing?

    Yes! We love dogs in canoes and are very happy for you to takethem with you in the canoes.Unfortunately we do not provide pet buoyancy aids so you will need to bring it with you.

  • What happens if the weather is bad?

    Canoeing in the rain is not a problem. Like any outdoor activity you have to be prepared for the weather. If we consider weather as too dangerous to be out on the water (high winds or lightening) we may have to cancel your trip. If this happens you will have the option to rebook or a full refund.

  • How big group can you accommodate?

    You are more than welcome to visit us with your group of friends! We have 8 canoes which can accommodate 16 adults + kids or try out our super big canoe for 14 people paddling together!

Canoeing holidays in the heart of Stockholm Archipelago

Check our canoe packages including everything you need for your adventure. We provide quality camping gear and even food package. Simply rentals are possible as well.

  • People at the center are extremely friendly, competent and enthusiastic, and they provide a great choice of sea kayaks for paddlers of all sizes. 
  • If you're visiting Stockholm I cannot recommend this place enough. It made our trip and it made my boyfriend's birthday. I can't wait to go back.
  • Quality kayak, experienced and passionate guide, beautiful tour, a lovely lunch and swim during the stop. Exceeds all expectations!