All you need to know for canoeing & outdoor tours in Stockholm Archipelago.


Discover the beauty of archipelago by canadian boat. Canoeing is a wonderful and very affordable way to discover the beauty of inner archipelago with sheltered water. Canoe is suitable for day trip as well as for few days canoe adventure. Please find below information about equipment we provide as well as canoeing possibilities in our area.



Canoe is stable, easy to get in and out, and easy to get along with packing. It is also an excellent boat for fishing. Our canoe boats are designed for 2 adults with extra space in the middle for child, dog or camping equipment. 

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Our premium canoe package includes everything you need for your canoeing adventure: canoe and camping gear. After safety briefing and discussing the map over a cup of coffee the adventure is all yours.

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We will paddle through maginificent Bogesund with green meadows, old oak trees and farms with horses. Paddling silently by narrow fjord is great chance to spot beavers. In the middle of trip together we prepare campfire and swedish fika with warm drinks.

Canoe or kayak?

Check the differences and decide which one will be better for your adventure.


  • A canoe is designed to be completely open on the top, unlike a kayak.
  • With a canoe you can explore sheltered waters and bays of inner Stockholm Archipelago.
  • Open-top design makes getting in and out much easier comparing to the kayak (thing to consider while paddling with dog or kids)
  • Canoes are bulkier and heavier, they take more effort to paddle and often requiring two people.
  • A canoe will keep you dryer than a kayak by the fact that you are sitting higher above the water.

Sea kayak

  • Sea kayak is sit inside designed that means the paddler’s legs and lower body are situated within the hull of the kayak and are covered to protect from water.
  • Sea kayak is designed to paddle through open and choppy water.
  • Sea kayaks are faster and thanks to rudder or skeg system and are much easier to maneuver in windy conditions.
  • Tracking — moving in a straight line — is arguably easier in a kayak.
  • With the right skills and equippment you can paddle kayak all year round as it's much warmer when you sit inside.
  • People at the center are extremely friendly, competent and enthusiastic, and they provide a great choice of sea kayaks for paddlers of all sizes. 
  • If you're visiting Stockholm I cannot recommend this place enough. It made our trip and it made my boyfriend's birthday. I can't wait to go back.
  • Quality kayak, experienced and passionate guide, beautiful tour, a lovely lunch and swim during the stop. Exceeds all expectations!