Rent your own island

Björnholmen Island Base Camp

Rent an island for your outdoor event

Escape to your own private island, enjoy the privacy and serenity of this place. The only luxury you find here is the luxury of nature. Björnholmen Island Base Camp is located in the very heart of the Stockholm Archipelago, just outside of Vaxholm and about 45 minutes from Sweden’s vibrant capital.  

Getting here

Our Base Camp is situated on the tiny island, about 7 km away from the kayak rental base. You can reach Björnholmen by kayaks, our big canoe, private motorboat and water taxi boat. 

Big and small outdoor events

We can accommodate groups up to about 50 participants. Björnholmen is a perfect spot for different size of groups (birthday, stag and bachelor event, school and scouts groups, corporate events). You can book island entirely, even if you’re a smaller group. 

Add-Ons to make your event special

We can help to arrange BBQ by the sea or delicious catering provided by a local company. We have party tents, benches and tables, charcoal grill and large muurikka for cooking over the fire for the whole group.

Close and yet so far

The place seems remote, but at the same time the proximity of Stockholm and the main attractions in the area such as Vaxholm island, is our big advantage.

Nature trails around the island

There is a nature trail that circles around the island making it easier to explore. Along your journey you’ll be able to pick up many blueberries.

Play outdoor games

There is a lot of space for outdoor and team games like boule, kubb, paintball. Your imagination is the limit.

Book your own island

Contact us to arrange dates and program according to your group’s needs.
Phone: +46 8 541 377 90