Useful links and resources to help you prepare for your kayak & outdoor trip.

Weather and route planning

In our kayak center you will find basic maps covering daily paddling as well as sea charts for all trips. We provide information includes shops, islands with sauna, places to refill drinking water and good camping spots. Here are some good planning resources for you.

Wind forecast


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Sea chart

Please, leave nothing but footprints

The Right of Public Access (Allemansrätten) gives us a wonderful way to experience Sweden’s countryside, whether paddling, hiking, bicycling or even riding. But be sensible. Show that you care about nature so that we all can continue to enjoy and access the outdoors.

Read more about The Right of Public Access (Allemansrätten)→
Read about Swedish Fishing Rules →

Distance from our kayak center to some of main islands

Grinda 15 km
Örsö 17 km
Lådna 22 km
Siarö 22 km
Nässlingen 26 km
Träskö Storö 28 km
Finnhamn 30 km
Stavsnäs 30 km
Möja 33 km
Sandhamn 41 km
Furusund 46 km
Björkskär 47 km
Jungfruskär 50 km

Kayak day tour ideas

Around Kullö & Bogesund 12 km
Around Resarö 12 km
Around Vaxholm 11 km

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