Book our wood-fired sauna at the kayak center.


Welcome to book our wood-fired sauna. Stepping into a sauna is cleansing for both body and soul. And what can be better than kayaking or hiking followed by sauna and refreshing dip in the sea? Traditional wood burning stove provides the best sauna experience. The soft heat, lush hiss of steam, crackles of a wood and the ritual of tending the fire cannot be matched by electric heater. It is a heritage that many cultures worldwide have treasured for hundreds of years.


About our wood fired sauna

Sauna is located at our kayak center, just by the sea. Sauna room can accomodate group up to 10 people. There is a changing room, outdoor seatings and access to the sea for cooling off in between going into the sauna.

We book sauna for exclusive use for minimum 1,5 hour. Sauna is pre-warmed for you and later on it is self service and you will need to add wood to the stove. Wood is available at our place. Temperature inside varies between 60 to 80 C degrees.

We provide fresh water for pouring on the stove but please note there is no running water and shower. We take dip in the sea all year round. In case of frost we will axe the ice hole.



Sauna Price
up to 4 people 600 SEK / 1,5 hour
extra person + 150 SEK
group up to 10 people 1,800 SEK / 2 hours


Sauna rules

  • Always use a towel or other type of seating mat (only natural fabrics).
  • No underwear or swimwear in the sauna room.
  • A towel around the body may be used in the sauna room.
  • Pour only fresh water on the stove. No salty water!
    • No food and snacks inside sauna room.
    • No alcohol drinking.

What to bring

  • Big cotton / linen towel or two (no synthetic materials or swimsuit)
  • Flip flops
  • Water bottle