Lear about wild camping in Sweden

Why not enjoy your own island and make it home for a night? There is thousands of islands to choose from.

In Sweden we have the unique Right of Public Access which gives you the freedom to paddle and camp wherever you like with the obligation to respect and protect the wild and others. Leave absolutely nothing behind you.

About wild camping in Sweden

You can put up a tent for up to two nights as long as you stay away from dwelling and respect the natural environment. The Right of Public Access (Allemansrätten) gives us a wonderful way to experience Sweden’s countryside. But be sensible. Show that you care about nature so that we all can continue to enjoy and access the outdoors.

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There are several camping locations in Stockholm Archipelago. The nearest camping from our kayak center is located on Grinda. Check also a list of campsites owned by Archipelago Foundation which is protecting a genuine archipelago. 

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