All you need to know for canoeing & outdoor tours in Stockholm Archipelago.


Rent a canoe boat in Vaxholm to discover the beauty of inner archipelago. The inner waters are sheltered and suitable for canoe day trip as well as for few days canoe adventure.

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Our premium canoe package includes everything you need for your canoeing adventure: canoe and camping gear. Enjoy your self-guided canoeing holidays in Stockholm Archipelago.

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Big canoe seating up to 14 people is ideal for families, school and company events, kick off and generally group outings. Team buildings and group events Stockholm Archipelago.

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Our Gift Cards are great for any special occasion: Birthdays, Holidays, Weddings, Christmas, Graduations, or just saying Thank You. Gift card is valid for rentals, our premium packages and guided tours.

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Paddle through magnificent nature reserve and discover the inner archipelago by canoe. We can do even beaver safari if you are up for evening paddling.

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Canoe or kayak?

Check the differences and decide which one will be better for your adventure. Read more about kayaks, canoes and gear we use →

Canoe boats

Canoe is stable, easy to get in and out, and easy to get along with packing. It is also an excellent boat for fishing. Our canoe boats are designed for 2 adults with extra space in the middle for child, dog or camping equipment. Canoe is an open boat designed to paddle close to the land, through sheltered waters of inner archipelago. If you are planning to paddle further out to explore some of remote islands, consider one of our expedition sea kayaks. We recommend it especially if you go out for more than 2 days.

  • A canoe is not equipped with rudder for steering (like most of our kayaks) so you need to have good cooperation with your paddling partner.
  • A canoe boat is more difficult to maneuver on a windy day.
  • A canoe is designed to be completely open on the top, unlike a kayak where you sit inside.
  • With a canoe you can explore sheltered waters and bays of inner Stockholm Archipelago.
  • Open-top design makes getting in and out much easier comparing to the kayak (thing to consider while paddling with dog or kids).
  • Canoes are bulkier and heavier, they take more effort to paddle and often requiring two people.

Sea kayaks and expedition kayaks

Sea kayaks are designed for challenging sea conditions which may happen when you are paddling further out in archipelago (think about wind, waves etc.). Our expedition sea kayaks are equipped with rudder / skeg system which makes it easier to maneuver in the wind. If you are planning to explore some of remote islands of middle and outer archipelago we strongly recommend our expedition kayaks. Double kayaks are extremely stable and great especially for beginners. Even when one of you gets tired you keep going because you will share paddling together.

  • Sea kayak is sit inside designed that means the paddler’s legs and lower body are situated within the hull of the kayak and are covered with spray deck to protect from water.
  • Sea kayak is designed to paddle through open and choppy water.
  • Sea kayaks are faster and thanks to rudder or skeg system and are much easier to maneuver in windy conditions.
  • You'll pack your camping gear into closed hatches so it stays dry even when it rains.
  • Tracking — moving in a straight line — is much easier in a kayak.
  • With the right skills and equippment you can paddle kayak all year round as it's much warmer when you sit inside.


Discover the beauty of archipelago by canadian boat. Canoeing is a wonderful and very affordable way to discover the beauty of inner archipelago with sheltered water. Canoe is suitable for day trip as well as for few days canoe adventure. Please find below information about equipment we provide as well as canoeing possibilities in our area.

  • People at the center are extremely friendly, competent and enthusiastic, and they provide a great choice of sea kayaks for paddlers of all sizes. 
  • If you're visiting Stockholm I cannot recommend this place enough. It made our trip and it made my boyfriend's birthday. I can't wait to go back.
  • Quality kayak, experienced and passionate guide, beautiful tour, a lovely lunch and swim during the stop. Exceeds all expectations!