Sea Kayaking Fundamentals

Basic 2

Quick details

Master your paddling technique, learn advanced strokes and practice buddy rescue.

You will get the most out of this course if you’ve already learned skills in Basic 1. We’ll have a big day out on the water practicing intermediate boat handling skills.

Basic 2 will teach you the kayaking strokes, maneuvers, and rescue techniques to be safe and efficient while on the water.

A course content is very much practical-based, corresponding to Euro Paddle Pass Yellow / BC Paddle Explore. In fact you will get more than that because we added elements from higher levels which we consider important for you.

Topics covered: 

  • kayaking strokes and maneuvers
  • strokes and maneuvers mastering
  • personal and partner rescue techniques
  • wet exits and re-entry
  • balance exercises
  • planning your own sea kayaking trip 

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