Prijon Prilite Marlin LV

Prijon Prilite Marlin LV is a smaller version of Prijon’s most popular kayak model and is suitable for small and medium-sized paddlers.

Fast, well-tracking and stable sea kayak in glossy colours. Lighter than polyethylene kayaks and more robust than fiberglass. Equipped with luxury rudder. Excellent for both shorter exercise sessions and long expedition paddling. Easy to paddle, stable and easy to maneuver. Reliable in tougher weather conditions.

Marlin is made of Prilite, which makes it light and stylish as a fiberglass kayak, but resistant as a polyethylene kayak. Good seating comfort and practical adjustment options. Functional design means that the kayak fits both the paddler with a need for large legroom and the paddler with a shorter upper body. The kayak is delivered with Prijon’s Luxury rudder as standard. Prijon is German manufacturer of kayaks known for great durability and comfort.

Prijon Prilite Marlin LV specification:

Optimal for paddlers: 50-90 kg | Material: Prilite | Length: 507 cm | Width: 57 cm | Weight: 22 kg | Volume: 115 kg | Cockpit: 88×45 cm | Rudder | Available colours: Metallic Orange, Metallic Green, Pearl White