Finnhamn and Husarö

Finnhamn and Husarö
Length: ~90 km
Time: 5 – 6 days
Level: intermediate

Inspiration for 5 – 6 days kayaking trip. Navigate your way through the beautiful waters around Husarö and explore an old wreck ship. All under your own steam. You will pass by Finnhamn – one of the most popular islands in the archipelago. It lies near the outer archipelago and you will find there everything you could want; a hostel, holiday village, campsite, guest harbour, sauna, swimming facilities, café and a restaurant with a roof bar, music evenings and “the most beautiful view in the archipelago”. There are many different types of nature in a small area. You can wander through deciduous forests, meadows and farmlands. If you’re observant, you can see many different bird species, deer, badgers and foxes.

A prosperous coal merchant in Stockholm had the summer house built in 1914 high on a flat, rocky outcrop with an expansive view; it was named Utsikten (The View) and has become a symbol of Finnhamn. The house has served as Finnhamn’s hostel for many years.

Paddle further and pass by beautiful group of islands called Hallonstenarna. The islands are located one nautical mile north of Husarö and are a nature reserve. Västerskäret used to have a small permanent population. The islands still have holiday homes, although no permanent inhabitants anymore.

Main islands are operated by regular Waxholmsbolaget ferries. In the summer time you may expect high water traffic passing by Vaxholm and the main waterway for bigger vessels. 

*You should always adjust the route to your (and your friends) kayaking skills, experience as well as sea and weather conditions.