Kallskär and Nassa

6-8 day kayak expedition

Recommended Duration

8 – 10 days

Total Distance

Around 130 km

Skill Level

Suitable for Experienced Kayakers


Fully Equipped Kayak and Complete Wild Camping Gear

Kayak expedition to the exceptional island groups on the outer edge of archipelago. A peculiar and unique world, a treasure, well worth a visit by kayak.

  • Wild Adventure and Scenic Beauty: Explore 400 diverse islands and skerries, from lush wooded areas to bare rocky landscapes, ideal for kayaking through complex channels and breathtaking lookout points.

  • Geological Marvel: Discover a unique archipelago shaped by glaciation, with a landscape slowly rising from the sea, offering a mix of gray rocks, shiny water mirrors, and picturesque red cottages.

  • Rich History and Culture: Walk in the footsteps of fishermen, hunters, smugglers, and artists who have traversed these islands for generations, adding a rich historical dimension to your adventure.

  • Birdwatcher’s Paradise: Spot over twenty species of shorebirds nesting among the islands, in a well-developed maritime deciduous forest with unique multi-stemmed birches and occasional pines and alders.

  • Ultimate Kayaking Challenge: Designed for experienced sea kayakers, this route includes 5 – 8 km open water crossings, exposed to wind and sea conditions. Plan your journey carefully and enjoy the thrill of this advanced-level adventure.

Stora Nassa is located in Stockholm’s outer archipelago, around 55 km east of Stockholm, and consists of approximately 400 islands, skerries and the surrounding sea area. Some of the larger islands are lush and wooded, others completely bare.

We love its wild “out-there” feel and the complex channels through their hundreds of islets, ideal for exploring with kayaks. Each group also had several good lookout points for sweeping views of the area. Here you find the special character that characterizes an area that has been glaciated and depressed and is now slowly rising out of the sea again. Definitely one of the most beautiful places in the archipelago.

Seen from the air, it is a jumble of plain gray rocks, shiny water mirrors, red cottages, occasional boats and green pastures. Barren and seemingly desolate. But despite its desolate smallness, these are islands and skerries that have been trodden on by both residents and visitors, generation after generation. There are fishermen, hunters, smugglers, castaways, sailors, customs officers, writers, artists and scientists who knew how to navigate the narrow waters that surround the islands.

Fishing has been conducted seasonally since at least the 16th century. Stora Bonden had a permanent population from the 18th century to the 1940s. The resident population made a living from fishing, seal and seabird hunting and eider down harvesting. Cows and sheep were used as grazing animals on the islands.

Stora Nassa is an important area for bird life. More than twenty shorebird species nest here. The most common breeding birds are eiders, blackbirds, wagtails and great grebes. However, blackness has receded in recent years. The so-called maritime deciduous forest is well developed on Stora Nassa and is characterized by low, multi-stemmed birches. Occasional firs, pines and alders occur. At Stora Bonden there are remnants of older land use in the form of a leafy meadow with fallen trees.

Since the 1950s, Kallskär has been a popular island group to visit by kayak. The prefix kall- in the island’s name refers to the male seal, which has also been called “kall”. Financier Harald Mix owns, among other things, the island of Kallskär and was given permission to replace older sheds with small modern houses.

This route is recommended for experienced sea kayakers. The route includes 5 – 8 km long open water crossings. The outer islands are exposed to the wind and sea conditions. 

Plan your route according to your skills and weather forecast. You are responsible for conducting proper behaviour according to the traffic rules.

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