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Paddle around Resarö island and discover the most important village in chemistry.

Sweden has a grand history in geology, mineralogy and chemistry. Rent a kayak and paddle around Resarö to find out why chemists love this island.

One of the most important but little-known sites  of scientific discovery in history is Ytterby Mine. The small Swedish village called Ytterby is located on the outskirts of Resarö. The name of the village translates to “outer village”. A heavy black stone was found here more than 200 years ago which was the beginning of an extraordinary development in Swedish chemical research.

The only place in the world with four elements named after it

Ytterby is having the single richest source of elemental discoveries in the world. Yttrium (Y), Ytterbium (Yb), Erbium (Er) and Terbium (Tb) were discovered in mineral samples and are named after Ytterby village. Ytterby, unique place in the world, is regularly visited by Nobel Prize winners.

Uses for these rare chemistry earth elements include: lasers, high-strength magnets, X-ray machines, high-temperature superconductors, LED lights.

Meet local celebrities

Resarö, Vaxholm and surrounding islands are also home to a number of famous personalities of various fields, like ski racer, ice hockey player, football player. In the spring of 2010, Zlatan Ibrahimović bought a large house on Resarö. The house is next door to former national team colleague and friend Olof Mellberg. House was sold in 2019 for SEK 32 million.

Plan your route according to your skills and weather forecast. You are responsible for conducting proper behaviour according to the traffic rules.

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In Sweden we say ‘there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes’. You will be surprised how fun it is to paddle in rain. Make sure you wear the right outdoor clothing (no jeans or cotton).

During thunderstorms or very strong winds we may have to re-schedule or cancel activities for safety reasons.

Unless you are an experienced paddler and know how to do the self-rescue, we recommend you do not paddle alone.

If you do not know how to do solo re-entry after a capsize, we recommend to paddle with a friend or join a guided tour. You can also rent a stand up paddleboard by yourself.

Our kayak center is located about 30 min by car from Stockholm and it is easy to get here with public transport. Take subway T14 towards Mörby Centrum, on station Danderyds sjukhus go to bus terminal F and switch to bus 670. Our nearest bus stop is 100m away and is called Engarn.