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Paddle around Storön island, just outside of Vaxholm. Rent a kayak for full day or try wild camp on one of the islands.

This is a proposal for full day kayaking or trip with the overnight, depending on how long do you want to paddle per day. Start from our kayak rental and paddle along Resarö island to discover the most important village in chemistry. The small village called Ytterby located on the outskirts of Resarö is having the single richest source of elemental discoveries in the world. Try to guess the names of the four elements that are named after the village. We also recommend a short break at Ytterby jetty and a hike to the top of the mine with a beautiful view.

Continue towards Tisterön and Storön. Here you can roam slowly by kayaks around rocks and watch birds. You will have a chance to see many coastal birds among others: common eider, common sandpiper, oystercatcher, great crested grebe, white tailed eagles, seagulls and mute swan. If you are a good observer and can distinguish a gray oval stone from a gray round seal head, you have a good chance to see the most popular seal living in the Baltic Sea – the gray seal.

In the middle of the route there are nice spots for wild camp (for example Tisterön or Storön island). If you still have energy after paddling, we recommend short hiking around. Some of the islands have nice viewpoints from the top, for example Stora Skratten island. Optionally, you can also take a break on the northeast of Rindö and visit military fortifications (Byviksfortet). Byviksfortet, also called the 8th battery, is an old defense facility on Rindö. The fort was built in 1897-1903 to prevent an attack through Oxdjupet passage. The fort was blasted into the cave inside deep trenches in triangle form. A place worth visiting!

Due to the high water traffic with ferries and other vessels this route is recommended for more experienced paddlers.

Plan your route according to your skills and weather forecast. You are responsible for conducting proper behaviour according to the traffic rules.

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