When to go kayaking

Learn about weather and seasons

Typically, the season for multiday kayaking and canoe trips in Sweden run between May and late September.

Summer season between May and September

Stockholm’s northern location means that in June and the first half of July, the nights are relatively short. In the summer we have about about 18 hours of daylight. Around the summer solstice you will enjoy a bright blue sky once the sun has set. It does not get any darker than nautical twilight. You can celebrate Swedish Midsummer either on your own hand or during traditional celebration in Vaxholm or other villages.

Our kayak center is open everyday between mid May and mid September (depending on the weather). In summer time we provide rentals of our sea and expedition kayaks, canoes, SUP boards and packages including equipment for wild camping (tent, sleeping bags, stove etc.)

Late summer

Late summer is our favorite time to go sea kayaking in Stockholm Archipelago. When the summer guests depart life returns to normal for those who live here all year round. The archipelago off-season is time to slow down, enjoy wonderful tranquility and luxury of having it all to yourself. Later on water is starting to get cold and, if unlucky, can be wet and windy. For late September rentals we do recommend that you have some kayaking and camping experience.

Note that most establishments (shops, restaurants, cafes etc.) in the archipelago is usually open for high season so roughly from Midsummer until the third week of August.

Off-season between September and April

As long as our waters are not covered with ice we organize guided winter kayaking tours with appropriate winter gear provided. Rentals are not available at that time. Check our winter kayaking →

Annual air temperatures

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Stockholm – water temperature

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