Prijon Excursion Evo

Prijon Excursion Evo is a touring tandem kayak for your tour on rivers and lakes.

Prijon Excursion will be a great choice for family kayaking adventures. You can paddle day trips as well as weekend tours and kayaking holidays with overnight. A lot of storage space and a very high degree of safety due to its high overall volume. HTP material demonstrates its superiority by providing Excursion Evo with a very stiff boat hull.

The kayak is delivered with Prijon’s Luxury rudder as standard. Prijon is German manufacturer of kayaks known for great durability and comfort.

Prijon Excursion Evo specification:

Optimal for paddlers: 70-110 kg | Material: HTP | Length: 518 cm | Width: 70 cm | Weight: 38 kg | Volume: 250 kg | Cockpit: 90×45 cm | Rudder | Available colours: Red, Yellow, Blue