Prijon Poseidon

Prijon Poseidon is a tandem touring kayak perfect for family adventures. Thanks to its width of 67cm Poseidon is one of most stable double kayaks.

Prijon Poseidon is designed for paddling inland, coastal and open waters. The length, the slightly narrower hull and the hull design make Poseidon an easy-to-drive double kayak. The hull design provides good course stability and makes the kayak more suitable for open water. Slightly smaller cockpits than in Prijon Excursion provides contact with the kayak. Poseidon comes with a comfortable seat-system, suitable for longer distances and is equipped with our new 3D-thigh braces. The kayak is delivered with Prijon’s Luxury rudder as standard.

Made in Germany, Prijon Poseidon is made from HTP plastic and blow-melded making the Poseidon strong and robust.

Prijon Poseidon specification:

Optimal for paddlers: 60-120 kg | Material: HTP | Length: 518 cm | Width: 70 cm | Weight: 38 kg | Volume: 250 kg | Cockpit: 86×45 cm | Rudder | Available colours: Red, Yellow, Green