Kayaks & gear for your personal adventures.


We have a selection of single and double kayaks. Sea kayaks, expedition and touring kayaks. If you feel comfortable paddling on your own we're happy to outfit you with the gear you need for Stockholm Archipelago kayaking adventure. We book for minimum full day. Half day rental can be booked at the earliest 24h before the rental date for 10am-2pm.

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Time Double kayak Single PE kayak Fiberglass / VKV
Half day 500 SEK 300 SEK 450 SEK
1 day 800 SEK 400 SEK 500 SEK
2 days 1,400 SEK 800 SEK 1,000 SEK
3 days 2,000 SEK 1,200 SEK 1,500 SEK
4 days 2,300 SEK 1,400 SEK 2,000 SEK
Up to a week (5-7 days) 2,600 SEK 1,600 SEK 2,400 SEK
Additional day + 300 SEK + 200 SEK + 300 SEK


sea kayak, paddle, life jacket, spray skirt, basic map for day trip, kayak adjustments and safety briefing


Optional equipment: dry bags, water containers, local chart, compass, expedition tents, sleeping bags, sleeping mats Thermarest, cooking stove Trangia


If you’d like to rent this gear instead of purchasing new or travelling with your own gear, you can reserve that at the time you book your trip or simply add it later. Please check list of camping gear for rent or our premium kayak packages which include everything you need for your kayaking holidays.

Special rental rates for kayak clubs

Visit us with your kayak club and get discounted rental rates. This offer is valid for week rentals for group of minimum 8 participants of which at least one is a certified sea kayak coach.

Week rental rates for kayak clubs

1,400 SEK / single kayak
2,300 SEK / double kayak


We offer fully equipped sea kayaks for your kayaking Sweden expedition. We are happy to help you find a suitable model matching your requests and needs.

  • Sea Bird Expedition HV

    A modern Swedish form kayak with large and spacious hatches is ideal for longer trips, but also suitable for paddlers on a day trip.

  • Perception Essence

    Perfect kayak with spacious hatches for week-long expedition as well as day trip. The Essence 17 has a touch more length and volume than the Essence 16. This gives more space and forgiveness for average to large paddlers and carries heavier loads.

  • Zegul Arrow Play

    Play MV PE is a performance sea kayak with excellent maneuvering and playing capabilities. Fits wide range of paddlers in almost all skill levels.

  • VKV Offshore

    Swedish brand and one of the world's oldest kayak manufacturer still in business. Great large volume expedition kayak with extra storage space. Fits medium / large paddlers.

  • Aquarius Sea Emotion 505 PE

    Sea Emotion PE is fast and stable universal sea kayak equipped with rudder and skeg. Good choice for novice as well as experienced sea kayakers. Recommended for small / medium size paddlers.


We offer a selection of poliethylene and fiberglass single kayaks. Most of our kayaks are equipped with rudder for beginners. If you are more advanced paddler and know how to use skeg let us know. We have low and high volume kayaks for small, medium and large sized paddlers, day trips as well as multi-day expeditions (please provide size of paddlers while booking).

Some of our single sea / touring kayaks:

  • Sea Bird Expedition LV and HV (rudder)
  • Sea Bird Scott MV (skeg)
  • Prijon Kodiak (rudder)
  • Perception Essence 16' and 17' (skeg + rudder)
  • Zegul Arrow Play MV PE (skeg + rudder)
  • VKV Offshore fiberglass (rudder)
  • VKV Ocean fiberglass (rudder)
  • Aquarius Sea Emotion 505 (skeg + rudder)
  • Boreal Design Sedna (skeg + rudder)
  • DAG Miwok (rudder)
  • DAG Tiwok (rudder)
  • DAG Biwok

    Great load capacity, speed and stability. Biwok kayak combines all advantages. It's a perfect choice for a day trip or short adventure with overnight.

  • Liker Easty 5.5.

    Spacious, two-person kayak. The extra space in the middle can be used for packing, dog or children. 

  • VKV Yoo-A-Kim

    Expedition, touring and family kayaking. Very spacious kayak that fits the whole family or a lot of camping luggage for your long expedition.


Our double kayaks are designed for day trips as well as trips with overnight and longer expeditions. Thanks to good stability will suit even beginner paddlers. There is plenty of space for your camping equipment. The rather large cockpit provides easy and comfortable entry to the kayak. All of our double kayaks are equipped with a rudder system and hatches for your equipment. Double expedition kayak will be the best choice if you are planning to paddle a little further. If you are considering canoe boat or double kayak, we highly recommend taking kayak which is design for the sea conditions.

Some of our double touring / expedition kayaks (all equipped with the rudder):

  • Boreal Design Esperanto
  • Tahe Marine Tandem Maxi
  • VKV Yoo-A-Kim
  • Trapper Marine Expedition
  • Liker Easty 5.5
  • DAG Biwok

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  • People at the center are extremely friendly, competent and enthusiastic, and they provide a great choice of sea kayaks for paddlers of all sizes. 
  • If you're visiting Stockholm I cannot recommend this place enough. It made our trip and it made my boyfriend's birthday. I can't wait to go back.
  • Quality kayak, experienced and passionate guide, beautiful tour, a lovely lunch and swim during the stop. Exceeds all expectations!