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In our kayak center you can buy a new and used kayaks and kayaking gear. We have a selection of different sea kayaks for all skill levels. Single and double kayaks, sea kayaks in different sizes, comfortable touring kayaks for multiday kayaking adventures. Before you purchase a kayak, you can try demo models from our jetty in the kayak rental. Our kayak center is located on Resarö, about 30 minutes from Stockholm.

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Single kayaks and double touring kayaks


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Test paddling

When you are thinking about a new sea kayak, you can test our demo models directly from our jetty. Our kayak center is located on Resarö about 30 min by car from Stockholm and is accessed all year round by public transport.

Please call us ahead to make sure the model you want to test is available and we have time to help you in the best possible way.

Pick up your new kayak with the boat

When you buy a sea kayak to your summer cabin in archipelago, you can easily pick it up with the boat from our jetty.

We also cooperate with water taxi companies:
Kastellets Rederi +46 (0) 70-225 0005
Resarö Sjötaxi +46 (0) 70-9169417
Waxholm Water Taxi +46 (0) 70 600 61 00

Quality and knowledge matters

Buying a new sea kayak can be a fun but also overwhelming experience. Jumping into the cheapest and simplest kayak on the market means you probably won’t have much fun. As kayakers who spend most of our time at sea, we are happy to share our experience and knowledge with you.