Prijon offers a wide range of quality kayaks that are durable, stable and comfortable for people of all sizes and paddling abilities. Prijon kayaks are sturdy and durable. The German-made kayaks are known for their high quality, sporty performance, and efficiency. Blow moulded plastic gives the kayak a significant advantage over standard rotational moulded plastic kayaks. They hold their shape with a high “plastic memory” and have extreme durability which is great if dragged on gravel and rocks. The components are also well proven and you can easily use the watertight hatches, sit in the comfortable seat and the kayaks have perhaps the most efficient rudder system on the market.

Paddler who feels comfortable will most probably want to kayak more often. This has led Prijon to focus on the design of the seat, knee supports, backrest and padding that is not only comfortable but also durable. The more positive experience paddlers have, the more likely they will continue kayaking. The majority of Prijon’s kayaks are designed to be stable in the water but still have good performance and an easy drift in the water that is particularly good for beginners, all to ensure they have a positive experience and feel confident on the water.

Prijon demo kayaks are available at our kayak center and kayak rental so you can make test paddling from our jetty. Please call us ahead to make sure the model you want to test is available and we have time to help you in the best possible way.