Kazyak Designs

Kazyak Designs is a small Polish kayak manufacturer, which designs and produces exceptional marathon kayaks that are very successful in long-distance kayak races. A special design feature of Kazyak Designs is the lower hull with hard chines and a relatively sharp V-bottom. The drag value is therefore slightly higher than with a round hull, but it gives Raider and Stinger excellent maneuverability even without a steering system. The initial stability is comparable to that of a round hull and rather low, but the large, straight surfaces of the V-bottom act like barriers on both sides. As a result, the Kazyaks can be steered with just a slight shift in weight, while remaining safe and comfortable. In principle, the Kazyaks are hybrid kayaks that combine the design features of racing kayaks and expedition sea kayaks. Be prepared for a completely new paddling experience!

More than forty years ago Kazimierz Rabinski began the adventure with kayaking. Initially on small rivers, later on white water and on the sea. His first kayak marathon in 1983 became a turning point and Kazimierz got into the long-distances. He is the typical paddler inventor, driven by the desire to build the best kayak. In order to be able to realize his ideas for fast, safe and comfortable marathon kayaks, he founded Kayman Kayaks together with partners in 2010.

In the meantime, Kazmierz Rabinski has set up his own business under the name Kazyak Designs and is solely responsible for the design and construction of his kayaks. It is manufactured in a small factory in Poland. In recent years, Raider and Stinger have made a name for themselves on the marathon scene with numerous podium places in races such as Gauja XXL (310 km) or Malmö 24h (distance record with 218 km). Kazimierz himself also takes part in the races in his kayaks.