Kayaks & gear for your personal adventures.


Our kayak center is located just by the water. Rent a kayak for multiday kayaking holidays or just a short kayak day trip. We have a selection of single and double kayaks. We use sea kayaks, expedition and touring kayaks. If you feel comfortable paddling on your own we're happy to outfit you with the gear you need for Stockholm Archipelago kayaking adventure.

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Time Double kayak Single kayak PE Junior sea kayak Single kayak premium

Half day (4 hours)*

550 SEK 350 SEK 350 SEK 450 SEK
1 day 800 SEK 450 SEK 450 SEK 550 SEK
2 days 1,400 SEK 900 SEK 900 SEK 1,100 SEK
3 days 2,000 SEK 1,300 SEK 1,300 SEK 1,500 SEK
4 days 2,400 SEK 1,600 SEK 1,600 SEK 1,900 SEK
5 days 2,600 SEK 1,800 SEK 1,800 SEK 2,200 SEK
6 days 2,800 SEK 1,900 SEK 1,900 SEK 2,600 SEK
7 days 2,900 SEK 1,950 SEK 1,950 SEK 2,700 SEK
Extra day + 300 SEK + 200 SEK + 200 SEK + 300 SEK
  • * available for booking only 24 hours in advance

  • We have wide selection of kayaks so there is something for everyone. If you have any preferences (kayak with skeg / rudder) or want to rent a specific kayak, let us know when booking. During the high season it can be difficult to fulfill everyone's wishes but we do our best to find a suitable kayak model matching your size, requests and needs.
List of kayaks and gear we use →

Included in rental

We set you up with the necessities: the kayak and kayaking equipment: paddle, life jacket, spray deck, basic map for a day trip, safety briefing.

You may need

For multiday rentals, we do require that you have a map for navigation (1:50.000 is enough) which includes fairways, sea mark, and landmarks. You can rent it / buy it from us if you need to.


Paddling trip on your own hand, you might also need paddling safety gear and extra camping equipment. List of gear and prices for individual items, subject to availability.


Before rental:

  • Read our General terms & conditions →
  • It is recommended to book ahead. You can pick up booked gear during opening hours.
  • A waiver of liability must be signed prior to departure.
  • Plan your route according to your skills and weather/wind forecast →
  • Make sure you and all of your friends know kayaking rescue technique →
  • If you are planning a longer trip or if you have no experience and need an extended safety briefing and route consultation, it is best if you let us know about your arrival time (please note that weekends and mornings we are usually very busy and we ask for patience or avoiding this time).

During paddling:

  • Rental time includes safety briefing and route consultation with us.
  • You are responsible for the gear. The rented equipment must be returned in the same condition as when you received it. In case of lost or damaged equipment you must pay what it costs to replace it. Please make sure your insurances are valid.
  • You are liable to wear life vest and follow the maritime rules. All routes are open to normal traffic and you are responsible for conducting proper behaviour according to the traffic rules.
  • Plan your route to return on time. Save some time for unpacking and washing equipment.

When you are back:

  • Clean the kayak with sponge and water available at our place. Remove sand and water, leave hatches open so it will dry out. If you prefer us to clean it, we charge 200 SEK / kayak.
  • Hang up life vest and spray deck on the drying racks. Give back the dry bag and map.
  • Check out at our reception.
  • We are happy for your short review on our GoogleTripAdvisor | FB

Special rental rates for kayak clubs

Visit us with your sea kayak club and get discounted rental rates. This offer is valid for week rentals for group of minimum 8 participants of which at least one is a certified sea kayak coach.

Week rental rates for kayak clubs:
1,600 SEK single kayak | 2,500 SEK double kayak