Kazyak Designs Raider L

Raider L is designed for comfortable, long-distance paddling on all types of water and in all weather conditions. Great kayak for trainings, kayak racing and long-distance marathons.

Raider L is a fully equipped touring and sea kayak made of Kevlar – Carbon construction. Raider L is equipped both with the rudder and the skeg. It is very universal kayak with an optimal ratio of stability, maneuverability and speed. A perfect kayak for daily trips with luggage, trainings and even long distance kayak races. The V-shaped bottom makes it very stable in various weather conditions.

Kazyak Raider L specification:

Material: Carbon-Kevlar | Length: 550 cm | Width: 52 cm | Weight: 23 kg | Volume: 155 kg | Cockpit: 86×47 cm | Rudder + Skeg | All colours up to your wish