Kazyak Designs Raider HV

Fast sea kayak designed for larger paddlers and long kayak trips. Raider HV is a fully equipped expedition sea kayak made of Kevlar – Carbon construction.

A kayak with greater stability and maximum capacity allows you to pack your gear for a long trip. The changed parameters compared to the L version ensure greater stability, and yet the kayak is agile and relatively fast. 

Designed so that it can be used by larger paddlers of various weight – from 80 to 130 kg, both for expeditions as well as short trips. A kayak is equipped with a rudder, skeg, comfortable seat, adjustable footrests and a large space in the cockpit.

Kazyak Raider HV specification:

Optimal for paddlers: 80-130 kg | Material: Carbon-Kevlar | Length: 565 cm | Width: 54.5 cm | Weight: 26 kg | Volume: 180 kg | Cockpit: 87×49 cm | Rudder + Skeg | All colours up to your wish